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​Great headstart for someone like me who wants to start a career as a Customer Success Manager.

There are good points in there which I didn't know from before and I like how Gustavo challenges your thinking in what people commonly think as "Customer Success" and then debunks it. The length of the delivery was good (I hate long courses) and I feel that it gets straight to the point. Easy enough for anyone to follow without any technical or prior knowledge to CSM.           

Jason Aw

One of the few courses on Udemy that reflects a keen insight into business growth based on a sincere respect and care for current and potential clients.

I will never forget my most painful lesson in business that was the result of personally losing $2 million in annual revenue within a 3 week period. And I would have to admit that it was caused by my lack of understanding the difference between customer success and customer service that Gustavo describes in this course. Take this course. Burn these truths into your pattern of conducting business. Pay attention to the wisdom of those business leaders who have lost and gotten back up rebuilt their business the right way.

Randy Hendricks

Amazing information you can feel the experience of the teacher coming thru.

Star Riley

This is an excellent course for generating leads.

Mr. Helio Pfau

I learned a lot with this amazing course. Very empowering, I'm excited to go to my interview tomorrow with my newly acquired knowledge. Thank you Gustavo!

Ariane Deschenes F.

Who am I?

Above all I am a man in love with live and my family. Happily married and father of two beautiful children who might just be the next step in evolution of humanity. I am a good friend and always open to make new friends. I had no other option, as up until I was 18 years old I had gone to nine schools and lived in 6 different cities. And I went to college somewhere else!

I am an Spaniard who has lived in Spain (Valencia and Madrid), Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito), England (Leominster), Belgium (Brussels) and the United States (New York, Miami, Oakland, Sonoma). Currently I live in Sacramento, California... Yes, I have moved quite a bit.

I have also been in 30 countries and more than 200 cities, and I have the feeling that it is just too few... so much more to see.

I started my first business at 21 years old. Since then, I have lived many professional adventures, including having to close my company, full of debt and having to go through very difficult times in my life. The kind of situation where you really have nothing to pay NOTHING.

It is an experience that will teach you like anything else will. But I recommend that you do your best to avoid to learning it. ;)

This situations, that happen to far to many entrepreneurs, are normally consequence of not generating enough quality leads on a constant basis (which will reduce your sales), or because you have good leads, but your sales team is failing in one step of the process and of course your closing ratio is below what it should be.

​This made me focus in the importance of mastering these two abilities. My goal was to master lead generation and sales... AND NEVER STOP LEARNING ABOUT IT.

I have always attended to workshops, enrolled in courses, read books and blogs, listen to podcast, and done everything I could to improve my skilss in both. But sometimes you stay in your comfort zone and then is when things take the wrong turn. This is why it is fundamental that you keep learning and testing new ways to improve your sales and of course improve the skills of your team.

In the last decade in the e-learning and professional training industry we have worked with thousands of companies, from solopreneurs to multinationals like

And you?

Currently I help professionals like you generate dream-client leads on a consistent basis, meaning, every single month. I can help you position yourself as a thought leader in front of your dream clients so that you can gain their trust, and make the sales cycle smother and easier. I also help companies and salespeople improve their sales skills so that they can increase their revenue, commissions, and income.

for all of this I work with a team of true professionals. We all work remote, each one of us from their home (or wherever we might be at that moment).

What is important is not that other see you work, but the results that you deliver.

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