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More than 20,000 companies and professionals from over 150 countries have enrolled on my courses.

I am LinkedIn and Sales instructor. For the last 10 years I have worked in the professional training and consulting industry. Having worked with companies and professionals from North America LATAM, Europe, India and Australia.

I am Spanish, but I live in Sacramento, California. In the last decade we have worked with thousands of companies, from solopreneurs to multinationals like:

Over 20,000 professionals, from more than 150 countries, have enrolled on my courses just in the last two years

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Currently I help professionals like you generate dream-client leads on a consistent basis, meaning, every single month. You can train your team to generate high-quality leads, create brand awareness and position your company as the industry leader in front of your dream clients so that you can gain their trust, and make the sales cycle smother and easier. 

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